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P r o d u c t s :

Fertilizer - We provide a variety of fertilizer, both bagged and bulk.  We are able to make blends to adapt to the specific need of the customer, whether they want to increase yields or maintain soil production capacities.

Crop Seed - We offer Asgrow, Dekalb, Mycogen, and Top Crop brands of corn and soybean seed.  We can also meet specialty orders. 

Specialty Seeds - We carry a variety of alfalfa, clover, fescue, lespedeza, mixes, oats, orchardgrass, ryegrass, timothy, wheat, lawn, and miscellaneous seeds.

Lime - Both pelletized and fine meal lime are made readily available.  Both types are available in bulk and bagged.

Chemicals - A variety of pesticides are available to help customize to the needs of the customer. 

Tobacco Production - Our resources include seed, bed plastic, bed covers, float trays, and soil. 

Gates/Feeders - We offer a broad line of economy and bull gates in numerous sizes, feeder panel gates, bunk feeders, and bale feeders.

Fencing Materials - We offer woven wire fence, barb wire, brace wire, anchors, wood posts, and t-posts. 

Sprayer Parts - We supply a full-line of sprayer parts to fit nearly any sprayer.  We have a catalog available to place orders.

Miscellaneous - All natural tubs, protein tubs, salt blocks, and trace mineral blocks are available to the customer.  We also offer hay baling twine, rat bait, and soil sample testing.

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S e r v i c e s :

Fertilizer Application - With our spreader truck or air flow machine, we can spread bulk fertilizer on any field for any crop.  In conjunction with our tender delivery service, we can effectively spread large amounts over a field.

Lime Spreading - We can also spread agriculture and pelletized lime. 

Tender Delivery - For bulk fertilizer, we can deliver large amounts on our tender truck directly to a field.  This is useful for those that have their own spreaders and for us when we do the applcation and require more than machines can hold.

Pull Type Spreaders - We own an inventory of 12 spreaders that are available for rental.  These spreaders handle upwards of 10,000 pounds of bulk fertilizer with a 50 foot spread pattern.  

Spraying - Together with our diverse selection of chemicals and the Rogator, we can spray any field occupied by any crop.  We can make a recommendation of chemicals based on what crop is planted in the field and what outcome is desired by the customer.

GPS and VRT - Through Global Positioning System soil sampling and mapping of a field, we can spread fertilizer based on the results of the testing.  Our air flow machine is fully equipped with Falcon.  Falcon is a device that reads the GPS maps and soil sample test results and controls the output of the fertilizer according to the area in the field and the required amount of input.